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Automate the installation and update of applications and systems on your control devices with FLECS and save at least 40 percent time!


Use the batch size 1 PLC and make each of your systems unique!

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The Solution

FLECS brings all automation solutions as apps directly into your control system via our marketplace.

Easy to configure

Apps from the FLECS Marketplace

Open source

Secure and always up-to-date

Real time capable by default

Hardware independent


Installing and updating apps, as well as the entire system itself, is designed to be as easy as possible and fully automated with a web interface.


You are able to install an app on the control system with just one click. As a control system you can use any:

  • Linux-based commercial off the shelf hardware,
  • PLC,
  • Hypervisor, or
  • Virtual Machine.


This gives you absolute freedom in choosing your hardware components. At the same time, you can be sure that you will find the right software in the FLECS Marketplace. Solutions for Soft PLC, SCADA, HMI, or other applications you need to operate your machine can be found there.


FLECS is open source software – and thus the only truly open and hardware-independent approach.

Install FLECS for free by just running

curl -fsSL install.flecs.tech | bash



For machinery and equipment manufacturers

You have a free choice of hardware between PLC, IPC and server and thus save on the purchase of your PLC hardware.

You don’t need Linux knowledge to install FLECS or apps. You also don’t need Linux knowledge for the configuration.

You have the freedom to use the apps that suit the purpose and thus set up a system individualized to your wishes. Exchange data between apps easily and securely.

You keep FLECS and all apps up to date very easily and get a secure data flow between all installed apps.

For PLC manufacturers

You get a large hardware selection for your entire product range and thus reduce the product costs of your PLC hardware.

You don’t need Linux knowledge to install FLECS or apps. You also don’t need Linux knowledge for the configuration.

Get an automatically growing functionality of your PLCs through new apps, or apps you develop yourself.
This makes your PLCs suitable for a wider range of machines.

You keep your PLCs up to date very easily and get a secure data flow between all installed apps.


For app vendors

There is no need to adapt or configure the apps to the PLCs.
With FLECS you get a simple tool to support you in developing your own apps and thus simplify the development process considerably.

Your apps are automatically available for many PLC systems without prior adjustment.
You get a simple market overview and comparability with market competitors, and can thus work out your own advantages over the competition.

Your apps can be updated very easily and they can exchange data with other apps easily and securely.

Open Source License

We are absolutely convinced of the idea of open source. We believe that you should only be able to call software open if it is truly open source, that is to say freely available to everyone without restriction.

Therefore FLECS is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. But what does that mean in concrete terms?

You are allowed to do the following

  • Use FLECS freely and without restrictions.
  • Copy, modify or merge FLECS with other software.
  • Publish and distribute FLECS.
  • Sublicense FLECS and sell copies of it.

Our Conditions

  • Our copyright notice must be included in your software.
  • Our permission notice must be included in your software.
  • The Apache License 2.0 must be included in your software.
  • Indicate for modified files in conspicuous place that they are modified.

The Community – join us

You want to be there from the beginning? You don’t want to miss anything?



Then join our community and discuss your needs in our slack workspace, get access to the source code on GitHub, or read our blog about the latest news around FLECS.

Our Mindset

We live innovation

Our innermost drive is to constantly improve our products.

We never stop learning.

We love naysayers because they motivate us to prove them wrong.

We think big instead of small

We have a really big dream of which we are absolutely convinced.

We know the small steps that are necessary to bring us a little closer to this dream every day.

We know that not every idea works. But we never give up until we have found a solution.

We give more than we take

We support each other to be successful.

We share our knowledge and experience.

We listen and try to understand how we can help the other.

We belong together and never leave anyone alone.

Are you machinery or equipment manufacturer?

Are you looking for a truly open and independent control system?


Then FLECS is what you are searching for.

We want to develop FLECS into the largest open source provider for control systems.


So, take the chance and join us on this journey!


Behind FLECS

Patric Scholz

Patric Scholz


A salesman who is passionate about new technology and loves to inspire and support people to create visionary products.
Samuel Greising

Samuel Greising


A product-led lateral thinker who purposefully pursues his visions and inspires others with a certain fearlessness and courage.
Alexander Reichert

Alexander Reichert


An avid and open-minded software engineer always on the lookout for innovation, striving to deliver first-class user experience.

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Our Supporters

Our supporters accompany us on our way and it is only because of them that we have come this far. We can highly recommend these supporters and if you have any questions about them, please feel free to contact us directly.

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