Zorro – the garden dormouse

You’ve all probably encountered him in the last few weeks. The cute rodent that graces our content. May we now officially introduce: The garden dormouse, our official mascot for v2 of FLECS. Every year, the […]


Our companion for the first version

Every open source project needs a mascot. FLECS too. That’s why we thought about what suits us best. This is not so easy. After all, we have to like it in 20-30 years. We then […]



The time has come! Today we are happy to officially release FLECS for productive use. Our big promise: You will never have set up an automation system as easy as with FLECS! We have been […]

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What is FLECS?

What do you do there anyway and does anyone need it? We have been asked this question very often in recent months. We explained the ‘Why?” in our last blog – today I want to […]

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Why are we here?

The automation of a machine or any other equipment consists only of the PLC and the PLC program. Wrong. This may once have been the case, but it has long since changed. For complete automation, […]